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A New Approach to Inventory Optimization

TopDown Lean Systems assists companies that must carry inventory in order to address their service-level targets.

We'll help you establish, maintain, achieve and optimize your financial performance, inventory, and service levels so that you can reliably fulfill your customers' expectations and your own business goals.

Here's how our statistical approach to inventory and customer service level works:

  • We have an initial discussion with you, to make sure that you understand how we're going analyze your safety-stock data.
  • We pre-screen the data you send us.
  • We evaluate and correct your data as needed to make sure that it's reliable.
  • We send you optimized safety-stock levels for you to implement in your business system, along with expected future performance.
Our proprietary LS3 Lean Safety Stock Solution is the most complete, correct, comprehensive safety-stock analysis available.

LS3 gives you:
  • Reliable, correct safety-stock levels
  • Recommended reorder quantity adjustments
  • Expected future performance ranges for:
    • Inventory velocity
    • Fill-rate service level
    • Daily demand and usage

LS3 isn't software you have to license and maintain. We are an on-demand service. You send us data, and we send you comprehensive safety-stock results

We also provide advanced analysis and forecasting consulting, so we can help you maximize your strategic service-level and inventory-performance financial potential.

If unquestionably reliable service levels and optimal inventory velocity are mission-critical for your company, call us for an initial discussion:

Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. US Pacific Time Zone
GMT -08:00

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